What is an off market deal?

Off market deals, for the purpose of this website at least, is any real estate property that may be for sale but isn’t widely available for anyone to see.  It could be an agent’s deal where the Seller said that they would sell, but not list.  Or it could be a deal that an agent listed but only wants to show to a curated list of people.  It could be a for sale by owner property or it could be a property where the owner wants prospective buyers to keep information about the availability confidential.

Regardless this site is about networks, not really the properties themselves.  And the site is one big network of agents and principals that want to all do business under that same methodology, abiding by The Golden Rule, or the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated. This rule sits atop a list of site terms and conditions that every user of this site will abide to, sign an oath to, and operate under or risk being thrown off the site.  

So if your ready to see this methodology, please click here to see how this works.